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On 14/6/2013 there was a great conference Workshop Day which was managed by APLA Praha, Czech Republic within the international network project Together We Can Manage.

In the morning the conference hosted the workshop where the representatives of the Czech Ministry of Social Affairs spoke about the current situation and perspectives in the area of education and awareness in the social care services. APLA project manager Martin Marik presented the newly born APLA´s social enterprise PASPARTA which is a Publishing House where the people with Asperger syndrome can get a job. An Ashoka resentative Olga Shiroboko, who presented the role of Ashoka in supporting social enterprising and innovations,  told about their support of APLA´s founder Dr. Katerina Thorova who is an Asoka Fellow as well.

Then a special workshop which was devoted to the Best Practices of Autism-Europe (AE is the partner of TWCM project) member organisations followed. The participants of the international workshop could enjoy two presentations of self-advocates: one by Pietro Cirrincione (self-advocate, member of Council of Administration of AE, Vice-president of Gruppo-Aperger onlus, Italy), the other by Luba Heinzlová (the young lady with AS from Slovakia), both spoke about the possibilities for people with AS to work in Italy and Slovakia according to their own experience. Also two project managers from Synapsis, Poland, Katarzyna Matynia and Ewelyn Widler made a very interesting presentation about their projects of supported employment Employ the ACE and The Specialists. Bettina Bonsch from Autismus Deutschland presented the projects of their organisations also connected with supported housing and employment for people with ASD. Inna Sergienko (Child with Future, Ukraine) showed us what they have done for the short period as well. Ellina Horalikova (APLA Praha, a menmber on Council of Administration of AE) told a few words about the AE activities and AE role in the awareness of autism and promoting the rights of people with autism.

The block of morning workshops was finished with the methodological presentation by Jasmin Londono (USA/Austria) on the subject of the Conscious Discipline approach.

The afternoon workshops were led by APLA´s specialists: PhDr. Hynek Jůn, Ph.D.,PhDr. Kateřina Thorová, Ph.D., PaedDr. Věra Čadilová, Mgr. Roman Pešek, Bc. Jan Kouřil, Mgr. Martin Polenský, Lucie Bouchalová. DiS.

There are a lot of photos of the conference:

Photos - part 1

Photos - part 2

Photo of the representatives of the network

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